Ben "Way Bad" Jensen's an Ottawa, Canada-based illustrator who works with/has worked with Vans, Raised By Wolves, Maximum Rocknroll, Antique Skateshop, Blood Of The Young, Permanent Sleep, a bunch of punk bands, and more. He's exhibited in a buncha shows in the US and a few in Canada, and juvenile delinquents like getting his stupid drawings tattooed on them, too.

Hire him if you want his kids to keep eating.


SUNDAY, JULY 15th, 2012

For the people that’ve sent me messages asking where they can buy Way Bad prints and the Way Bad book, the answer to both question’s the same: RIGHT HERE.

The prints are 11x18, printed on 100 lb paper, and signed and numbered by the morbidly obese, 87-year-old creationist amateur astronaut and enthusiastic ninja weapons maker who drew them (me, Ben Jensen).  They’re only 20 bucks each.

Here’s one of them:

Here’s the other one (the actual print doesn’t have that website address text in the middle of it):

And here’s some shitty photos I took of the book.  It’s 72 pages full of scumbag drawings and words about the drawings.  Only ten bucks: