Ben "Way Bad" Jensen's an Ottawa, Canada-based illustrator who works with/has worked with Vans, Raised By Wolves, Maximum Rocknroll, Antique Skateshop, Blood Of The Young, Permanent Sleep, a bunch of punk bands, and more. He's exhibited in a buncha shows in the US and a few in Canada, and juvenile delinquents like getting his stupid drawings tattooed on them, too.

Hire him if you want his kids to keep eating.



I’m home sick from work today, so I’m taking the opportunity to listen to Alpinist and get some mailing done.  If you’ve ordered copies of the new Way Bad zines from me, your shit’s either already been mailed or is about to be.

On the note of mailing Way Bad shit to people: if you took advantage of the one-week long ‘order a Way Bad book and/or print from Permanent Sleep, get a free piece of original Way Bad art’ offer, I should’ve been clearer.  Basically, your book and your art will ship SEPERATELY.  So if you get your book and/or print WITHOUT any original art, don’t bug out.  It’s coming.  It’s just that the books and prints are mailed from Toronto, and the original art is mailed from me here in Ottawa.  Sorry about the confusion.

And if you’re planning on ordering a copy of the Way Bad book, get on it; they’re starting to sell out.