Ben "Way Bad" Jensen's an Ottawa, Canada-based illustrator who works with/has worked with Vans, Raised By Wolves, Maximum Rocknroll, Antique Skateshop, Blood Of The Young, Permanent Sleep, a bunch of punk bands, and more. He's exhibited in a buncha shows in the US and a few in Canada, and juvenile delinquents like getting his stupid drawings tattooed on them, too.

Hire him if you want his kids to keep eating.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20th, 2012

Who wants to own the Way Bad book!?  Who wants to own a Way Bad print?!  Who wants to own ANOTHER Way Bad print?!  Who wants to own a bit less money?!

If any of this sounds like YOU, you’re in luck!  After centuries of hype, big-talk, and occasional muttered threats, this glorious day is FINALLY here!  The Way Bad book and the Way Bad prints are on sale on the internet NOW!  I repeat (in bold italics this time): The Way Bad book and the Way Bad prints are on sale on the internet NOW!!!

The book is TEN BUCKS!  The prints are TWENTY BUCKS!  Do you have that kinda cash?  If you do, head over to the PERMANENT SLEEP store now, and help ME have that kinda cash!

Here’s some photos I took of the book.  It’s 72 pages, 8.5”x5.25” of squarebound scumbag art glory!  There’s 10 pages worth of Way Bad pieces that you’ll ONLY find in the book, as well as a note on each and every piece that was written just for the book.

The prints are 11”x18” and printed on 100lb paper.  Limited to 35 each.  Signed and numbered.  (The ”80s hardcore tattoo flash’ print does NOT feature the Way Bad internet addresses as pictured here; that would be lame.)





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