Ben "Way Bad" Jensen's an Ottawa, Canada-based illustrator who works with/has worked with Vans, Raised By Wolves, Maximum Rocknroll, Antique Skateshop, Blood Of The Young, Permanent Sleep, a bunch of punk bands, and more. He's exhibited in a buncha shows in the US and a few in Canada, and juvenile delinquents like getting his stupid drawings tattooed on them, too.

Hire him if you want his kids to keep eating.


TUESDAY, JUNE 12th, 2012

Holy shit, the Way Bad book really actually honestly exists.  It wasn’t just me big-talking on my internet thingy.  Here’s some photos of me holding it to prove it.

If you wanna prove it to yourself by holding your own copy, they’re gonna be available in select Ottawa and Toronto shops, and they’re getting launched in Ottawa at the WHITE LUNG/PREGNANCY SCARES/CRITICAL CONVICTIONS show on July 5th, and at the WHITE LUNG/SECRET BAND (it’s a good one)/PREGNANCY SCARES show in Toronto on July 6th. 

Other than that, you’re gonna be able to order them off the internet.  Keep your goddam eyeballs peeled for Way Bad updates and Permanent Sleep updates for any details.

Here’s some info about the books:

-They’re 72 pages long, 8.5”x5.25”;

-They’re squarebound;

-The cover graphic’s actually a postcard mounted on the book;

-There’s 10 pages’ worth of exclusive pieces you won’t see anywhere else (except maybe the inside of a degenerate’s brain, or a trashcan);

-They smell like whatever cologne you spray them with;

-There’s a bunch of notes on every single piece in the book, written just for the book;

-It fits on any standard bookshelf, and its presence there will make anyone you trick into coming to your house/apartment/shanty/cave/lean-to think you must’ve read a book at some point in your worthless life (tip: write ‘The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway’ on the spine; that’s a thin book but it still gets crazy respect);

So there you have it.  More details on how you can get rid of some of your pesky money in exchange for a bunch of drawings of skeletons drinking beer and rats skateboarding soon.

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    Our first official book release is finally done, be sure to check out the launch parties if you’re lucky enough to live...
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