Ben "Way Bad" Jensen's an Ottawa, Canada-based illustrator who works with/has worked with Vans, Raised By Wolves, Maximum Rocknroll, Antique Skateshop, Blood Of The Young, Permanent Sleep, a bunch of punk bands, and more. He's exhibited in a buncha shows in the US and a few in Canada, and juvenile delinquents like getting his stupid drawings tattooed on them, too.

Hire him if you want his kids to keep eating.


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Hey, dudes!  This is just an experiment.  I was scrolling through my Tumblr ‘followers’ (kind of a shitty word, huh?) and was wondering how many are actual, active users.

To give me a rough idea, send me Tumblr mail if you feel like it.  I wanna see what kinda response this gets.  (Plus, getting mail’s rad.)  Thanks!

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Asked Anonymous



JUST A REMINDER:  I don’t answer anonymous Tumblr mail (unless it’s this time, and I’m using it as an excuse to remind people about my mail policy).  I still appreciate it, but if you’re looking for a response, send non-anonymous mail.  That’s the only way Tumblr gives me the option to reply privately (I don’t like publishing Q&A’s to my wall, unless they’re really interesting questions).

I do answer every single piece of non-anonymous mail I get, though (including stuff sent to jensen_ben@hotmail.com — yes, I am the last person on earth with a Hotmail; I am bad at internet).  So send me mail!

Thanks, dudes!

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